• ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJT-B19A)
  • ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJT-B19A)
  • ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJT-B19A)
  • ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJTB02)
  • ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJT-B19A)
  • ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJT-B19A)
  • ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJT-B19A)
  • ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJT-B19A)
  • ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJTB02)
  • ALVABABY AWJ Diaper with Tummy Panel -(WJT-B19A)

ALVABABY AWJ Lining Cloth Diaper with Tummy Panel for Babies -Pink (WJT-B19A)

The inside layer is athletic wicking jersey.
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  • Description

Elevate your baby's comfort and style with our ALVABABY Cloth Diaper featuring an AWJ lining and tummy panel. The AWJ lining provides excellent leak protection, keeping your baby dry and comfortable for longer periods. The tummy panel helps prevent leaks and provides a secure fit. Made with high-quality materials, this cloth diaper is not only eco-friendly but also gentle on your baby's skin. Make the switch to reusable diapers and experience the convenience and sustainability of ALVABABY!


1. Moisture-wicking properties: The athletic wicking jersey lining helps to wick moisture away from the baby's skin, keeping them dry and comfortable.
2. Improved fit: The tummy panel provides a secure and snug fit, ensuring that the diaper stays in place during movement and reducing the likelihood of leaks.
3. Better odor control: Cloth diapers with an athletic wicking jersey lining help to reduce unpleasant odors, keeping your baby smelling fresh and clean.
4. Comfortable and gentle on skin: The AWJ lining is soft and gentle against the baby's delicate skin, reducing the likelihood of irritation and rashes.
5. Environmentally friendly: Cloth diapers that feature both an athletic wicking jersey lining and a tummy panel are reusable and environmentally friendly, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.


1.Outer layer: polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU. It's convenient for mammy to carry baby while taking a walk or doing chores.

2.Inner layer:Super Soft Athletic Wicking Jersey Lining (AWJ Lining).

3.We have many different inserts for choosing from, like microfiber inserts, bamboo inserts, bamboo charcoal inserts, hemp inserts and prefold.

1.Customers live outside of the US usually need to pay additional taxes.
2.Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

Tips & Care

1.Wash before first use. Please wash colours separately.
2.It usually will take a few washes to reach its full absorbency (could be 6 washes or more)
3.Place the insert inside the nappy through the open pocket in the back.
4.Liquid will be absorbed through the inner layer of the nappy to the insert
5.More than one insert may be needed when sleeping or when necessary
6.Nappy should be changed every 2-3 hours, and when damp, to prevent nappy rash.

Washing Instructions

1. Remove and rinse off the residuals (knock solids into toilet). Untie insert from diaper shell and wash separately.
2.Hand wash or machine wash, less than (no hotter than 30℃).
3.Hang them up to dry in the sun ), or "Low" tumble dry.
4.Rainy season or wet weather may make it moldy, please keep it dry.
5.No bleach, No softener, DO NOT boil the cover.

Detergent recommendations

We recommend using detergents that are free from optical brighteners, fabric softeners, and dyes. Many laundry detergents have such additives that can build up on cloth or cause other problems. Lots of customers recommend Tide, Gain, Purex, FOCA, etc., and they regularly see issues with Charlie's Soap, Rockin' Green, and homemade detergents. Most mainstream laundry detergents work well for cloth and these recommendations are for your reference only.
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