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Why Cloth?

There are many benefits to adding cloth diapers into your diapering routine. Whether you use them full time or part time, cloth diapers can help your family save money and reduce waste.   

Save Money

This is one of the top reasons why so many families are choosing to use cloth when diapering their baby. Families who use cloth diapers full time can expect to save well over $1,000 in the first three years of their baby’s life. If they use cloth wipes as well, the savings build up even more!  

Reduce Waste

When you have a child in diapers, you will find that disposable diapers quickly take up a lot of space in your trash can. The same thing can be said for landfills where approximately 20 billion diapers end up every year, taking hundreds of years to decompose. As they degrade, disposables also release methane gas, a gas much more potent and devastating to the environment than carbon dioxide.

Better for Skin

Many families switch to cloth for the health of their baby’s skin. The naturally absorbent fibers of cloth diapers are often gentler on baby’s sensitive skin, and can help reduce skin irritation. 

Cloth is not All or Nothing

Some people think that if you switch to cloth you’ll never use disposables again. Not true! Many families still use disposable diapers in their routine, whether it be for overnights, going on errands, etc.  

It’s Easy

At first glance cloth diapers may seen complicated and intimidating, but that is far from the truth! With a bit of practice, cloth is as simple to use as disposables. And with a large community of cloth diapering families online, there is never a shortage of people to help out those just starting.