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How to place orders

1. You can place orders directly through our website.
2. If you want to place wholesale orders:

You just need to email us the order list of all items you want to purchage, and we will check the total cost with you.  You can pay after you have confirmed and we will ship after get the payment.

Below are the steps of placing online orders with mobile phone:
Setp 1:
Click to check all products we have like picture below:

Setp 2:
For example, you want to choose some One Size SOLID diapers. Find "All Diapers" in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Setp 3:
You can see the "One Size Diapers", go ahead to click the arrow.

Setp 4:
You can see "one size solid" diapers, click to check all colors we have, choose the one you like and add to your Shopping Cart.

If you have coupon code, please add it and remember to click "Apply"

Setp 5:
Checkout and fill your shipping address. Please make sure the city and post code matches correctly.

Setp 6:
You can also choose to pay via Paypal Or directly via Credit Card.
We recommend that customers use Paypal to pay, because this is the most convenient and simple payment method.