One Piece of Alva Menstrual Pad for Mommy W-A23

ALVA Menstrual Pads

Disposable pads have a plastic backing- plastic is not breathable but your lady parts need to breathe! Paper and plastic in disposable pads are sweaty, the adhesive shifts constantly and they actually will cause a heavier bleeding and cramping. It's said that reusable menstrual pads could reduce period pain. The chemicals used in producing disposable pads and tampons can cause a whole slew of health problems, including cancer and infertility.

Sanitary pads are made up of bamboo charcoal and microfiber, which is much more comfortable than disposable pads. They worth to try!

Product Details

  • Outer layer is Minky PUL, inner is Bamboo Charcoal, Middle is Microfiber.
  • Minky material is super soft and skidproof. PUL water-resistant back layer to prevent leaking. Bamboo charcoal is hypoallergenic, naturally deodorizing, anti-bacterial. Microfiber is super absorbent.
  • There is bamboo charcoal & microfiber layer called ZORB in the middle core( which is super absorbent).
  • Perfect for light/ medium flow days & even some heavy days.
  • Minky PUL wings with adjustable snaps for a snug fit.

4 sizes specification of cloth menstrual pads:

(All data are manual measuring, for measuring different ways, there will be about 1-2 cm difference):



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WM-A23 WM-A23
by Maria Avila

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