NEW Solid Color Baby wet/dry Cloth Bag, Diaper Bag, Multi-functional Bag with Snap Handle Grey L-B29

A truly wonderful bag that allows you to carry your wet and dry items in the same bag. Each bag contains a "wet" section that is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking AND a zippered dry section along with a clever snap handle for easy carrying. Carry all your items in one bag while keeping your dry items dry and your wet or soiled items separate. Truly an all in one bag!

Color :See the picture

Size: 30cm x 36cm(approx.:11.5 in x 14 in)

Holds approximately 5-7 cloth diapers


* Reusable

* Waterproof

* Machine washable

* TWO Zippered compartments for keep wet and dry things separate

* Comes with handle for easy carrying or attaching to your diaper bag or stroller

* Lightweight (less than 50 g)

* Also great for swimming suits or other wet items


Typically Ships in 7 to 10 days

34 Units in Stock

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