Photo Contest 1: My Christmas with ALVABABY!
Every baby is a precious gift and so we named our brand "ALVABABY.”
By KAREN | 20 December 2023 | 0 Comments

Photo Contest 1: My Christmas with ALVABABY!

Theme: "My Christmas with ALVABABY"
2. Scroll down and find the button like pictures below:

Activity Rules:
1.Attach picture of your baby wearing any ALVABABY cloth diapers in the comment area, and briefly express your feeling about Alvababy diapers. Photos of how you and your family spent Christmas are also welcome!
2.The more pictures you post, the higher your chances of winning.
3.Alvababy team will select 3 winners. Winners will receive a big gift package which worth $30 + an extra coupon! 
4.Winners announcement time: January 2
5.Please note any pictures posted in the comment area represent that you authorize these pictures to be used by Alvababy.

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