8pcs Alva Baby Nursing Pads with One Tiny Bag R-B09

8pcs nursing pads come with one tiny bag (Random Print).

It would be better that nursing mom cares to practice wearing nursing pads. Do not let breast milk dry in your pads as this may cause your nipples to stick uncomfortably.

Product Details

  • 4 layers: 1 layer waterproof PUL(100% polyester), 1 layer super absorbent bamboo (80% bamboo rayon, 20% polyester), 2 layers microfiber.
  • Diameter: 12cm Weight: 13g
  • Silk to sooth, cool and heal sore nipples.
  • Perfect to warm and soothe sensitive breasts.

How to use

  • Slip inside bra with the bamboo against the skin.
  • Replace the damp pad with a clean, dry one.

How to wash

  • Machine-wash and tumble-dry provide the best care.
  • Make sure to launder them at least once before wearing, which could reduce the pilling from leftover cotton fibers and promote a better absorption.
  • Avoid using liquid fabric softener when laundering, as it will impede pad absorbency.


Typically Ships in 7 to 10 days

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I’ve been using these for a couple weeks with my newborn. The are soft and the quality is good, but for me they are too big. The don’t fit well inside my bra and would be more comfortable if they were smaller. I use them at night when it doesn’t matter if they stick out of my bra, but they unfortunately aren’t useable for me when I need a nursing pad that’s concealed.
by Katie Janes

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