12pcs SNAP-in-microfiber insert for AI2 diaper nappy color snap diapers KT12

They are made of super absorbent microfiber, more absorbent than regular flannel and dries much faster

# each insert with one snap on the top the inserts

# Easy use and very Soft
# Machine washable and dryable.
# Size: For baby weighs 4-15kg (8.8 - 33pounds)
# Dimension of insert: 35.8cm in lenght(14.09'') *13.8cm in width (5.31'')
# Wash temperature:under 30°C. (less than 86 °F)


Typically Ships in 7 to 10 days

894 Units in Stock

These are the same size as the inserts that come with the "printed cloth diapers". They are basically the same thing with one snap. I missed the part of the description that mentioned they go with the "color snap diapers". I have another brand that the insert snaps down on itself folding the insert down a little, making it shorter. The one snap on these is designed to snap it to the diaper shell its being used on, however I purchased the "printed cloth diapers" so the snap on the insert is useless to me. These are still super absorbent and will get the job done just fine. I will be using them for doublers overnight for extra absorbancy. Still a better value than any other inserts I've found.
by Kim Depto

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