1 Roll of VISCOSE(32g) flushable liner Biodegradable liner Environmental for cloth diaper nappy BT01(32g)

The description of products:
The flushable viscose liners are designed to be placed in the next to the babies' skin. The diaper will draw any moisture through the liners but will stop the solids. When you change the dirty diapers for your babyies, remove the liner and drop it down to the toilet and simply flush it away. They are also environment protection.
The features of the 100 biodegradable flushable viscose liners is as follows:
1. Keeps your babies' skin dry
2. 100% biodegradable
3. Non-Chlorine Bleached
4. Made from super soft viscose
5. On a roll of 100 sheets
6. Both side can be used
7. Not recommended fold the liners
The liner can be cut in two for smaller babies, but please do not fold liners or use multiple sheets as this will prevent quick absorption by the cloth diaper.


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The pee does not go through it and stays very wet so when my baby pees she now has a wet pee liner stuck to her skin. It catches the poop which is helpful but with wet pee stuck to her it is not worth it
by elizabeth harrison

These are a pretty good size they fit alva baby diapers perfectly. They're SUPER soft! And they are at a reasonable price. I will definetly be buying more. I only use these when i but ointment on my daughters bum, I'm still breastfeeding so her poop is still runny. But the liners serves it's purpose.
by Ashley Lenis

Awesome, the easiest way to clean up poopy diapers. just pick up the four corners of the liner and throw it all in the toilet.
by Francesca Verdon

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